Avant garde, no?

Once upon a time in a town called Warragul lived a boy called Campbell

Campbell had lots of friends that he liked to play with but he did have some special friends that he liked to play with and one special friend's name was Sarah.

Sarah lived in another town, a small little town called Buln Buln which was quite near to Warragul.

One day Sarah came to visit Campbell so they could play together.

It was quite a hot day and they were playing outside when a very strange thing happened.

All of a sudden Campbell looked up in the sky and what should he see but a flying wombat.

"Look, Sarah, it's the flying wombat" he cried.

Sarah looked up at the sky and saw the strangest thing she had ever seen, a wombat with wings.

And that is the first reported sighting of the flying wombat.