Avant garde, no?

Okay, so in a reasonably flip comment regarding my huge respect for Danny Yee, I predicted that one of the most popular sports of the future would be Ultra Golf.

Having made this claim, I decided to find out if there was actually a sport called Ultra Golf.

Google offered up a few gajillion hits for the video game of that name, before finally I found this article about Ultra Golf.

In it, the author expresses concern that their sport is being trivialized - I don't think you have to worry buddy, you're knocking little frisbees around a golf course. It's trivial enough.

Anyway, this sport is more popularly known as Disc Golf, and in the interests of Future Cam being proven right, I invite you to check out these leading sources on the Disc Golf Experience.

DiscGolf.com DiscLife.com The Disc Golf Association