Avant garde, no?

Beware! The Streets are Awash with Anarchists...


...and they're voting Liberal?

Seriously, though, I noticed the following when I was grocery shopping the other day.

The spray-painted stuff has been there for YEARS, the sharpie-tags are the new addition to which I refer now:


Take that, Late 90's Equivalent of Me!


The thing that disturbed me the most was this particular detail.

Consider it slashed, old bean.

Consider it slashed? CONSIDER IT SLASHED? What the fuck are you doing, you little tagging cunt?

I mean... I mean... I mean, who writes that?

This is Warragul, you dolt! We don't have "tagging wars" or "slashings" or any other little catchphrases you might have picked up from the copy of Good Weekend that you snuck out of the newsagency under your Wu-Tang hoody, or that episode of The Bill that you watched with your Nanna while your parents went out to that Chinese joint where Civic Video used to be.

And even if we did... "Consider it slashed?"

That's been there for years. Like they even care about some angst-ridden middle class kid with a sharpie and too much time on his hands.

Warragul Teen Vandals, I'm very disappointed in all of you.


Dr. Cam Sexenheimer, Former Teen Vandal

I spent a whole playlunch making that stencil. It's beside my bed now.