Avant garde, no?

One day, I was sitting back, minding my own business, when Darp Hau came a-knocking on my door.

Mr. Hau has just recently rocketed to Number 3 on my The Man list, for his efforts in taking on the Patriotic Youth League, a neo-nazi organization that was postering his area with their bigoted trash.

Anyway, he was all, "Homes, make a parody site, and make it grand!"

And fucking grand I did make it!

With the technical assistance of my homie Mjec and the reluctant slash fanficky creative help of Leigh...

It was made a reality in but one day!!!

It then proceeded to cause controversy, eventually making the front page when referenced to by ex-Sunbury councillor and mayor, Guru Ann.

A lot of cool stuff has come out of Sunbury. The Sunbury Bus Company. Other stuff presumably.

The following image is probably the coolest though...

Nazi Link Clash! WAAA-HEY!

Patriotik Yoof League