Avant garde, no?

antics + artworx

Another poster spree.

Hijinx @ the Safeway.

What a masterpiece!

Doing our bit for Family First.

Holy Crap! The thing that scared me on 20/11/04

Significant numbers.

Jelly Vs. Fate

Dr. Cam kind of makes the front page in Sunbury.

First you twist it! The Nazi Porno Gag.

Free Milkshake Night! 11/03/05.

I Think I'm Turning Japanese! Nunchucks + Beer

The Quest

The Tale of Dr. Steve

A Night To Remember - An Armadale Whodunnit

Andrew Bolt's Birthday Surprise

The Weather Report

Gun Battles on the Yarra

photographic evidences

Relationship Trouble: Sydney, Jan 04.

Sex crimes and other fun.

SteveSteve gets assaulted.

Beating the drum.

Haircut: Before + After.

Warragul Teen Vandals!

Palmerston North Teen Vandals!

Save Mingus Casey!

Palmy North Shots: February 2005.

New South Welsh Shots: May 2005

Warragul Art: The Slug

Warragul Art: Cloud

Warragul Oddity: Bracks' Poverty Remedy (PDF)

Warragul Vandalism: Phone Booth Graff

Warragul Art: Skate Park Graff - Oct 04

I predict a riot!