Avant garde, no?

It's okay, there's no need to feel in awe of my genius.

I'm a fucking visionary, it's true.

This is some stuff that was done wrote over the years. I wish I had more gloomy angst-ridden poetry with storm imagery, but I was at best a reasonably cheery alterna-youth.


writings by me

"They were playing outside when a very strange thing happened" - Aged 2

"Once upon a time they caught the Vingananee" - Aged 2

"Don't Let This Happen To You!" - Aged 11

"They're Already Here!" - Aged 11

"Floating Den Of Iniquity" - Aged 12

"Folate-Filled Feature" - Aged 12

"102 Fun Things To Do In Warragul" - Aged 15 - A response to Leigh's 101 Fun Things To Do In Palmy North

"Are you ready for the white hot flame of persecution?" - Aged 17

"Now, everybody step to a syncopated rhythm" - Aged 17 - A play I wrote

"And then there was a nazi on my back" - A tale from March

"And everyone would HAVE to laugh" - The Old Main Page

"Jefferson Tan was a very bad man" - A children's tale from January 2005

"Rated R for Fucking Righteous" - 2 short stories and a poem from Palmy North

"Let's take our nation back from the gooks, slopes, blacks, darkies, and other coloureds" - The Patriotik Yoof League... controversial satire I mostly wrote.

writings by others

"One bright and breezy spring morning, Cam awoke with a jerk" - Saucy blog fanfic by Courtney O of New Zealand

"There was only one explanation for this: Cam had been kidnapped" - More saucy blog fanfic by Leigh M of New Zealand


"I keep on telling you! This is the reverse attic!" - A letter to Paul

"And you have David Carradine, but that's a story for another day!" - A letter to Leigh

"Besides, I've always argued that two-and-a-half schoolgirls does not a 'spree' make." - Correspondence with Tully

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