Avant garde, no?
Defacing my defacement... the fiends

One night... these posters appeared all over town.

The citizens of Warragul awoke to find themselves confronted with messages of hellfire and damnation.

Who could be behind this nefarious scheme? Who? WHO?

Okay, I admit it... it was me. ME! Ahaha... yeah.

It all started on the iMDB, which I discovered was a wonderful vehicle for all sorts of delicious satire.

So, anyway, I was cruising around, and I found this completely fucked conversation about whether Mary Kate & Ashley were virgins or not. I mean... who the fuck cares? But then someone mentioned that they were in an abstinence team.

So... abstinence teams... they're like these things, in Amerika mostly, whereby angst-filled teen Christians help each other resist the sinful urgings of Satan and stay pure.

This concept intrigued me, although, it wasn't until I'd gotten some way into the joke before I realized the A-Team part of it... I guess I'd been doing it subconscsiously.

Read the highlights package of the Mary-Kate/Ashley Virginity Conversation...