Avant garde, no?

Hola, friends.

I remember the first time I ever used the Internet. It was back in... man, it must have been 1994 or 1995. Let me think. It was before 1997. Maybe 1996? Possibly 1995 though.

Anyway, it was at the Adult Learning Centre in Warragul, and I was quite young, and I was rather impressed.

The thing which impressed me the most was the chaotic, random interconnectedness of it all - you could be at a geneaology site (as I was) and a few links later be at something completely different. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

It was well impressive.

Anyway, slightly less than a decade later, the Internet is a far less impressive place, due in no small part to the fact that ANYONE can have a website.

Even angst-filled teens, which brings me to my first link:

The Website of Eli Cordover - This is the nice guy who hosts mine own website and also wrote all the sexy PHP codey stuff which I will never understand. He's chock full of teen angst, and desperately in need of some Primal Scream Therapy (patent pending).

Randomly Ever After - This is the site of one Gus Mueller - he's a wacky, funloving guy, and I highly recommend the Big Fun section - about a bunch of alterna-youth in mid-90s Virginia, or somewhere, man... What am I? A fucking encyclopedia. I found this while amped up on speed or something, and stayed up until noon reading it.

Danny Yee's site - This guy's pretty on the ball about a lot of things - particularly in regards to censorship. When I grow up, I want to clone an army of Danny Yees, and play Living Chess and Ultra Golf with them, because Ultra Golf will be pretty fucking popular in the future.

Stark Raving Normal - Check out the fiction section for some great short stories. There's even a bunch of Australian stuff in there.

The Offical Jason Lives Website - I once made the observation that a typical Jason Lives song might go a little like this: "Blood! BLOOD COVERING MY FACE, FROM ALL MY MURDER! AND CRIME! SO MUCH CRIME! I LIKE TO KILL! I LIKE TO MAIM EVERYBODY! Why won't... she call... me back? I'm so lonely." I immediately felt bad about it, but upon listening to the Life EP again, I think it was pretty fair. Seriously, though, these guys are capable of serious sock rockage.

Hunter S. Thompson's ESPN gig - I'd Hunter his Thompson if you know what I mean! Uh.... No, not that.

Alternative Tentacles - Some people are Epitaph people, some people are Fat Wreckords people, but personally, I think Jello Biafra is pretty H.O.T. HOT.

Bruce Campbell Online - His surname is like my first name. Also, one of my favourite actors.

The Spin Starts Here - These cats are pretty on the ball. Uber-self righteous, but I suppose you're allowed to be when you're right at least 87% of the time

And I'd say that just about wraps it up, linkswise. These are the places that I frequent on a semi-regular basis, and from them... SHIT, man. You could end up fucking anywhere. Happy trails.