Avant garde, no?

The Scene: The Hottest 100 Party at Amanda's Joint.

Vegie, SteveSteve and I arrived at around noonish, whereupon we greeted all our friends etc.

Jelly had brought a slab of beer... he'd only had three, but he was noticeably intoxicated.

"Had anything else?" I asked him.

"Well... I had a coupla peace pipes on the way over, you know."

Anyway, he continued to work his way through his slab, and occasionaly would duck off occasionaly to have another cone or seven, and eventually he passed out... first in the back of Amanda's car (which we were using for radio goodness) then he got up and wandered off and passed out in a field somewhere.

Then the storm hit... the rain woke him up.

Well... you can see what Jelly did next:


You feeling lucky punk? ... I found this in a random folder on my machine ... from the same day.