Avant garde, no?

Flantastic is a word that I have begun to use with some regularity of late.

It's a twist, you see. On the words fantastic and flan

My definition: Of or pertaining to flan.

I am not alone in thinking things flantastic.


1. Flantastic in name only.

2. A man seemingly obsessed with flan.

3. The ultimate flan resource.

4. The Rodeo Bar in New York, New York. They serve flan.

5. I have no idea what's going on here. They use the word though.

6. Business talk of flan flavoured ice-cream.

7. So many terrible puns - but an understanding of the base concept, nevertheless.

8. Navel gazing self-loathing, with a side of flan

It seems as if a good flan is something that can be universally enjoyed, by people from all walks of life. Unless you're allergic to dairy products.