You could deny that I'm the coolest, but you'd only be hurting yourself.

People, it's a joke. You know, funny. The utter absurdity combined with my arrogance makes for something quite hilarious. People have to not take what I say so seriously.

Anyway, today was cool. Nothing in history, I almost understood everything in maths, and we sung in assembly. We sung the Monty Python song "Every Sperm is Sacred." It was très cool. Vincent went off (as Tom would say) with his magnificent rendition, about four octaves above his normal voice. It was, in fact, super cool.

Now, I was asked earlier about personal comments. I said that I wouldn't divulge, but jokingly asked for some rumours to spread. Here's what I got, in two emails:
"an informant has told me clare h had diff sized tits
another informant thinks that she (clare H) was born a boy and that they
stuffed up the implants so thats why she has different sized tits"
Clare H of course meaning Clare Hudson.

The sender of these emails shall remain somewhat anonymous, although the astute could make a fairly accurate educated guess with ease. There were two people behind the emails.

Let me just say this: those who made these comments should be ashamed of themselves. I could speak about how their breasts are not touted as the best in the school (where as I have heard Clare H's touted that way), but I won't comment on the jellousy/hypocracy part. What I will say is this:

Can't we all just get along?

Now I'm aware that there have been altecations between our oppisite ends of the spectrum, but such comments based purly upon spite are simply means of escallating the problem.

Let me just say that although the relative sizes of Clare's breasts are not a focus of my attention (and never have been) I can understand how such things can bother some people. But really, just resolve the issue as intelligent people: by figuring out the differences and finding out how to resolve them. If you can't resolve things then just don't talk to or about each other. On that note, I have never heard Miss Hudson say anything with a negative conatation about the email senders. However, granted, I haven't spoken to Miss Hudson much and she can be very irritating (and immature) at times.

Now, to answer pre-emptively the comments on my sexuality: I am straight. I'm just not so much of a body person, but a brain person. I have never actually been attracted to the body of Clare Hudson - or no more so than I have been to any other body (though according to boarding house sources she is "HOT!"). I judge who I want to go out with based on intelligence, and Julia wins that battle hands down.