Avant garde, no?

Leigh clicked the friendly little link to Cam's diary. Slowly - it had been a long McDay - her brow furrowed. What? What did the date say? ...The first of January, 1970?! There was only one explanation for this: Cam had been kidnapped, possibly by hippies on the cusp of becoming discotheque patronisers, and taken back to their hometime on the first day of the 70s.

Leigh's eyes took on a glazed look.

That was mostly because she was tired, but a little because she was carefully considering her options. She could either

A) inform her compadres and form a rescue squad, or maybe just watch a movie instead.

B) Procure her own time machine and travel back to the 70s.

C) Procure her own time machine and travel back to yesterday, in order to warn Cam about the hustling hippies that were OBVIOUSLY coming for him.

D) Go and get a snack.

Leigh of course chose D. But then after that, she decided she probably ought not leave Cam to the mercy of those dirty disco-goers, so she jumped in a time machine she found in her shoe, and travelled back to... November 26, 2004.

"Cam! Cam!" Leigh shouted as she burst through Cam's front door. "Quick! The hippies are coming!"

Cam's sister stared at Leigh, disparagingly. "Who the hell are you?" she said, and flicked her hair over her shoulders.

Leigh sighed. "No time to explain! Where's Cam? WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER?"

"Geez, I don't know... Upstairs, maybe?"

Leigh tore out of the kitchen and raced up the stairs. She burst into Cam's room, where Cam happened to be changing his shirt.

"Ca! ...Um." She said.

"Oh, hello, dollface," Cam said calmly, sliding his shirt over his rippling muscles. It had a picture of Roy Orbison on it. "Is there something I can do for you?"

Leigh's mouth hung open for a moment. "Uh... Eyebrows?" she said lamely. If this was animé, she would have had a nose-bleed.

Cam's penetrating green eyes regarded her. "Have you been at the nutmeg again, Leigh?" he asked, taking a step closer.

"No!" Leigh said. "I never took nutmeg! There was never meg! I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF NUTMEG!" She backed away, in order to keep her cool.

"Calm down, babe. Now, what's the problem, eh? What's the four-one-one?"

Leigh did her best not to swoon at Cam's rad slang. "Hippies are coming. Or possibly disco-dancers. I don't know; I'm not sure."

Cam took on a thoughtful expression. "Well, if you say so."

"Hey," Leigh retorted, placing a hand on her hip, "I was right about the time with those winged monkey-things."

"Okay babe, let's roll." Cam seized his coat off the bed.

Leigh put her hand out.


"Give me your keys. I'm driving."

"Uh, I don't think so, Leigh."

"Yuh-hunh. What if you get timewarped out while the car is moving, hmm? Where does that leave me. I'll tell you where, buddy: purée."

Cam sighed. "Fine, but you'd better not kill us all."

They made their way to the car. Leigh slid behind the driver's seat. After stalling the vehicle twice, she eased out of the driveway.

"Hey!" Cam shouted, as the tailpipe bashed against the pavement.

"...What?" Leigh said innocently. "It's time for some music, Cammy." She hit the radio.

...Or is this burning, an eternal flaaaaaaaaaaame!?...

Leigh's jaw dropped.

Cam laughed desperately. "That Atomic Kitten. Reowr. She's one hot mama. Yeah."

"...She? Don't you mean, they?"

Cam slicked back his newly-cut hair. There wasn't much to slick, but it was still a dashing gesture. "What? They? What?"

"Atomic Kitten. There's three of them." Leigh glanced at Cam as they sped down the road.

"...You're shitting me."


"But they all look the same."

Leigh shrugged, concentrating on swerving around an old lady who was crossing the road in her walking frame.

Cam gripped the edges of his seat. "...So... Triplets? OH YEAH!"

Leigh rolled her eyes. Triplets. Why did Cam always have to bring up triplets?

"Where are we going, anyway, you crazy kid?"

Leigh sighed. "To Vegie's, of course."

Cam nodded.

Vegie stared calmly at Leigh and Cam from behind his desk. "Right... And uh... Who's she?" he said, pointing at Leigh.

Cam waved a hand. "It's not important. We just need you to save me from the hippies."

"Oh Campbell. It wouldn't be the first time I bailed you ought of some crazy shenagigan."

"...So you'll help, then, right?" Leigh said. She wasn't really following the conversation. She had been distraced by the way Cam was making his pectoral muscles dance.

Cam chuckled.

"Actually, Campbell dear, and mysterious and sexy female stranger... I won't help."

Leigh blinked. "Say wha?"

"You see, my dear Cam... This was all my doing."

"...Hey hey?" Cam said, doubt swimming in his apple eyes.

"Yes, Campbell. That's right. I, Vegie, am in league with the hippies."

"No!" Leigh cried, leaping from her chair. She felt dizzy, and nauseous. One might say, she felt diseous. "Why didn't I see this coming?" she continued, pointing at finger at the malevolent Vegie. "Vegie! For vegetarian!"

Vegie laughed. It was a dark and sinister sound.

Cam laughed too, slightly confused again. Poor boy. Bless his socks. "What? That's not right. Vegie is an IRONIC nickname."

"Oh Cam," Leigh said. "What the fuck are you talking about, you beautiful idiot?"

Cam looked wounded. "You know. Like people with red hair are called blue. Vegie is so hardcore that he ONLY eats meat. That's why we call him Vegie."

Vegie laughed again. "You don't know me at all, Campbell. Which is why my plot is working perfectly."

"You'll never succeed!" Leigh shouted. Thinking quickly, she grabbed Cam's coat and threw it over Vegie. She then tackled him to the floor. "Quick, Cam!" she shouted. "Get me a glass of water!"

Cam did.

Leigh tipped the water over Vegie, who promptly melted. Then she clapped her hands in a satisfied manner. "Great. Now I can go back... To the future."

Cam blinked. "The future? Anyway, why the fuck did he MELT?"

Leigh smiled charmingly at her comrade. "Plot device, Cam. Plot device."

Cam nodded.

Back on the 27th of November, Leigh clicked the link to Cam's blog. She breathed out a breath she hadn't been aware she was holding until she unheld it. The title of the latest entry read, 'The Blog/84/26-Nov-2004: Quest... Into The Future." Her plan had worked perfectly. And Cam had even immortalised it in his blog.