Avant garde, no?

Quelle horreur! The Election was yesterday.

Me, Vegie and SteveSteve threw an Election Count Party and watched it on the ABC, because we'd watched the start on the ABC, and by the time we even considered switching over to Nine, we were too drunk to understand Nine's "crazy" graphics.

I must admit, I was kind of surprised by the result, as was everybody.

SteveSteve was like, "What? I thought Latham was going to win for sure!"

But he's a dope.

I thought Howard would be back, but with a reduced majority... REDUCED, NOT INCREASED!

Curses. Plus, my redistributed seat fell to the enemy.



Anyway.... that is that. The best thing about the whole business (looking on the bright side now) was the people in the background behind the politicians. What a bunch of goons.

And when Peter Garrett was speaking... who's that wandering around in the background... is it former Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett?

That's right. He travelled backwards in time to coldcock himself before he did something stupid, but had to wait until he was off camera to do so.

I considered doing something similar, earlier in the day, after I bought a losing Scratchie ticket. It brought my entire Gambling Profit back down to 50 cents. Curses.

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