Avant garde, no?

From a post to the old blog, back in July:

"It's been a while since the last post, a whole week in fact. A whole damn week. But what has happened in that week?


The last post concluded with what looked like the early signs of a complete and total burnout... luckily, I narrowly averted such a tragedy, by altering my sleep patterns dramatically.

I think one more night, and I would have been totally gone. I have a tendency to push these things to the limit... In keeping with my, "treat em mean, keep em keen" policy towards my car, I completely drained the gas and the petrol. I mean, I literally ran out of fuel just as I reached the bowser. The last few metres we just used our momentum.

Perhaps such a policy is not entirely healthy when applied to oneself. On the upside, though, I've discovered that by going to sleep earlier, I can have about the same amount of sleep as I've been having recently... but be fine. Exact same amount of sleep - but no bloodshot eyes, no dizziness, no general acting somewhat like a junkie. This is, of course, because it's a different kind of sleep.

I put this practise to good use this morning, waking up at 5:30 so as to be able to shower, and be dressed by 6:00, so as to hear Jay and Lindsey (of Frenzal Rhomb) on the JJJ Breakfast Show until 9... I probably would have made the effort anyway, but my possibly weak resolve was strengthened by their recent controversy which can be read about (and listened to) via: The Official Frenzal Rhomb Blog.

In other news, John Howard (the goon, not the actor) visited Warragul yesterday, though I missed out on the chance to vote with my throwing arm, by virtue of the fact that I was at work... I would have skipped out if I'd known - something that would have been made easier by the fact that my boss has been in absentia all this week. On the other hand, I probably wouldn't have, as I would have almost certainly been fired anyway, and nothing sucks quite so much as getting fired on the same day as you're arrested. Unless those ASIO ratfuckers castrated me. Ouch."

The point is, nothing happened to me today - so I'm recycling old material.

The other point is, I got my car back... so you see... I make reference to the ... to the car in there... right? RIGHT?

Anyway, the new gear box ended up costing $2000, but with 10% tax, bringing it up to $2200. I much prefer 10% taxes when they're not being applied to big numbers.

With my new car in hand, I set out to finish the voyage that I'd been in the middle of when the old gearbox collapsed - a trip to Vegie's.

When I arrived, he was swing dancing with some buxom young lass who I had not ever seen before - she was of hispanic descent... In the background, an SBS doco about Donald Rumsfeld was being shown.

We amused ourselves for a while, the three of us, talking about how the Amerikan Administration could build a really massive beer bong if they set their minds to it...

Then the doco made some mention of the current financial cost of the War in Iraq.

The Spanish Chiquita said that she had heard that a bomb cost somewhere in the vicinity of 1.5 million dollars.

"Hell!" said Vegie, "You could buy 250,000 toasters with that kind of dough! 250,000!"

I did some calculations, and what do you know, he was right - but only if you bought them wholesale... Which, if you were buying 250,000 of them, you almost certainly would.

250,000 toasters, we concluded, could do just as much damage as a bomb, if dropped from a great height. If not more.

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