Avant garde, no?

Well, the verdict is in.

$2200, for a brand new gearbox, with a 2 year/40,000km warranty


$1500, to repair the gearbox, with a 3 month warranty.

So... so depressed.

And on that note, Dr. Cam Sexenheimer's Top Ten Depression Fighting Top Ten Lists:

1.Fuck The Skull Of Jesus' shocking expose.
2.The FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives
3.The Top Ten Largest Primes
4.Hestas Coyote's Top Ten TV shows 1
5. Top Ten Retail Ripoffs To Avoid 2
6. Top Ten Actions To Take If Kids Are Grabbed 3
7. Top Ten Recalled Toys in Amerika.
8. Top Ten List: What's cool for back to school? 4
9. Top Ten Ethereal Tips & Tricks. 5
10. John's Top Ten Reasons for Top Ten Lists. 6

1 Ahahaha, you might say. How droll, Doctor Cam. It's some guy who likes watching a variety of television shows, but it's not really amusing. Well, I invite you to check out the rest of his website, in which it is revealed that he is a NUT! An anime-watching NUT!

2 As told to you buy an online trampoline vendor... Double You Tee Eff?

3 I remember staying home from school one day, all the way back in the general 1993 region of things, and watching an Oprah Winfrey special on what to do if someone tries to kidnap you. That, and the whole Stranger Danger trip in kindergarten fucked me up immeasurably. Up until I was 17, I was incredibly jumpy twitchy all kinds of itchy about getting jumped. There was a path near my house, that made getting to work VERY easy. Trouble was, it had no lighting whatsoever, and massive fiend-hiding bushes to either side - I used to hate going through there. Luckily, at one point or another, I had a moment in which I realized... This is fucking ridiculous. I could probably take at least 3 attackers to the cleaners with all this pent-up Oprah Winfrey inspired rage that I carry around with me. And then, no problem. I was cured. Thankyou, Oprah!

4 I have some major issues with this article - the cowboy look is in? What the fuck, Amerika? What are you doing to your kids? I mean, the cowboy look? The old world look? Whatever happened to baggy pants and revealing tube tops for nubile young teens - their developing breasts spilling out over the figure-hugging nylon.

What's that? Operation Auxin? At my door?

5 I didn't even read this - but it's the last thing to come up on a Google search for 'top ten list'.

6 Postmodern, no?

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