Avant garde, no?

Man, my car is king-hell fucked up, big time.

It was going fine, until I put some fuel in it this evening... and then it started running really rough. It stalled about five times on the freeway, but my goal was to get it to my house, which is right on the edge of Warragul, because my friendly neighbourhood mechanic lives right next door.

Shit, man. I ALMOST made it. I got off the freeway exit at Nilma, got around the roundabout... dvvvnnnnmmm... That's the sound of my car dying.

I put on my hazards and tried to get the fucker started again, but it simply wasn't a-happening. Then this truck comes hooning around, luckily it stopped just before it hit me, but I was blocking the road, and he was blocking my reversal escape from the middle of the road, as I couldn't go uphill. Eventually he did the intelligent thing, and took his massive truck off-road... oh, wait, that's not intelli... anyway, it didn't roll, so that was cool. Anyway, I chucked it into neutral and wheeled my way back into a pretty deserted road, whereupon I called for assistance. About an hour later, I was home, and ready for the sweet embrace of death. Or croatian cherry wine, whichever came first.

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