Avant garde, no?

God, do I hate my job!

Long hours. Low pay.

And now to top off the whole fucking cake, I have to stare at hot women in low cut dresses bouncing about for 3 excruciatingly painful hours.

I mean... really... nothing EVER works out for me.

Anyway, as far as the faggy pink dreamjournal is concerned, I fell asleep listening to Frenzal Rhomb... and then...

I was at high school again, but I didn't have a book I needed, so I was running around everywhere trying to look for it.

It wasn't in the classroom I'd just been in. It wasn't in my locker!

Also, I wasn't wearing any pants.

I decided to put off the search for the book until I'd procured some pants. Presumably some pants would be available at the lost property box or at the sick bay, right? Luckily, these both happened to be at the same place. I covertly made my way to the sick bay, though I don't know why... nobody bar me seemed to care that I was half-naked.

I got to the sick bay... and went in... there was no lost property box. I'd have to look elsewhere... I walked out of the sick bay, and I was no longer in the school. I was in a classy restaurant.

Nobody in the restaurant seemed to care about my lack of respect for the dress code, and then I woke up.

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