Avant garde, no?

1. Autumn
2. Spring
3. Winter
4. Summer

I woke up this morning, very much in an anti-summer kind of mood.

Holy crap, I thought... this is all a bit on the hot side, innit.

So, I decided to rank the seasons. Due to how much Summer absolutely sucks, it is ranked at the bottom.

Then I thought, well, Winter's okay... but it can be TOO cold - which meant that the more moderate seasons edged it out for first and second...

But which did I like more? Spring or Autumn?

It all came down to their entertainment value... Spring has mud pies, but Autumn has piles of leaves.

After much soul searching, I eventually awarded the crown of best season to Autumn... but Spring, don't despair! You've won a trip to lively Arkansas! Have fun!

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