Avant garde, no?

As with all things, the mass consumption of alcohol has it's own special consequences.

These consequences can seem dire - rather like a bomb (or six small bombs, each with the exploding power of 1/6 of a regular bomb) going off in one's skull.

"Hello!" you might cry out in pain, "This is not unlike a sledgehammer to the brain!"

On the other hand, the consequences can seem not so dire. For instance, you might cry out, "Hi. This is not unlike a very small sledgehammer to the brain."

Either way, though, consequences are inevitable. Unless you've just been drinking red wine, which never seems to give me a hangover at all.

But I wasn't drinking red wine last night. I was drinking vodka. And lots of it!

The trick, I believe, to hangover reduction is: Staying hydrated.

And the trick, I (and Vegie and SteveSteve) believe, to avoiding a hangover entirely is: Staying hydrated.

At that point after you're done running around and being the life of the grand cosmic party, but before that point where you pass out - The point in which you're kind of sitting back and thinking: "Boy, it sure is fun to be drunk and to just sit, you know." At that point, drink a lot of water.

Anyway, as far as the nutmeg went, it wasn't the most intense trip I've taken with the stuff. As I attempted to communicate last night, I had the feeling that my 'being' was close to, but not quite exactly, in the same location as my body - and was slowly swinging back and forth, almost like a pendulum hung at some point just above above my head. It's a pleasant feeling, but certainly not worth all the trouble.

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