Avant garde, no?

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa.... I might quite possibly be a tad drunk, having drunk the second half of my bottle of vodka. Some of you might recall me drinking the first half

Holy crap, I can't believe I managed to hyperlink then...

m a fucking genius, me.

Anyway, at around 6 or so, I was getting a little bored......l...

So, I was like, well, how about some drugs.

But then I thought, wait a second, I'
m n ot allowed to have any drugs... it's my big timng thing remember.

Then I thought, you know what drug would be okay, nutmeg.

Because, as Jelly has been known to say, for chrissakes man, it's a fucking kitchen spice.

Also, the most non-addictive halluciongen in the knwon universe. IT tastes horrible, and it takes AGES to kick in. In fact, I can feel it starting to have an effect right nowww...

That was at around 6, when I took it. I put it into a milkshake, which managed to mask some but not all of the awful flavour.

At around 10.30, I got broed waiting fo bored waiting for the effects to take hold, so decided to get drunk in the meantime...

Byt the bye .

By the by, my sister's UNSUPERVIES D Paarty tuerned out to be a complete bustt...

My sis is very good at timemanagement She's like the time management queen. She says to time management, "Whatever, dude... I am your queen. Woslklj an d so on.

Anyway, desptie being excellent at organizing things, she simply didn't have the wherewithall to orgainze an unsupervized party.

So, I drank rthe rest of my vodka... and boy was it fun. I tried to read the paper, includign the massvive 20th anniverasay Good Weekdend section, and then kicked back to watch Rage wich which is having some sort of thing... a rock themed evening... what's;it tt called?

Um.... t[v;


rock till you drop special...

it's groovy...

the plyalist playlist incluedes such childhood favourites as The Ramones, The Clash and Iggy Pop. What can I say, my parents were groovy.

but now pera pera per pearl jam are on, which is funny ,beccause ther'es a park bench near my house that has the words, "pearl jam rocks' bcarved into it... I alway find that increcib incredibly amusing, because i remember when pearl jam were polupopular... such a long time agoooooo... oh well, I'm sure they're doing fine.

Anyway, this nutmeg businesssss... i'm having a similar allucinton to the one I had the first time I did nutmeg, which is that my eyes are retreaqyting bak to some point a little bit behidn where they cactually aer... hard to explain when drunk and hallucinating....

i briefly considered going to the pub, but decided not to for a coupel of reasons:

1. I'm too durn drunk to get in.

and 2. fuck man, i hate the fucking pub, rememre.


or pubs, plural, at least. as there are a number in sunny warragul.

Anyway, then Lisa from hgih school came online, and accused me of all sorts ot things, including stealing her birthday invite idea, and also... copying some picture of ashton kutcher or somethign... i dunno, it didnt'm ake a whole lot fo seneseese... but them's tyhe breaks, no/?



Originally, tnhi this post was going to have somethign that made a lot of sense at the start, the resason being that I thought of it before I consumed any chemicals - I was also going to point this favt fact out. THe problme si is though, that I cannot remember what htat that origial thing i was going to say was... ahahahaha.... so ev devious.

far out.......flj..................................... oh christ.

and that... that is all the nes that is fit to print...

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