Avant garde, no?

So, as some of you know, I tutor a grade six and seven teacher in Indonesian of a Thursday evening.

So, I get there tonight.

Teach: Okay, remember how organized we got at the start of the term.
Me: Yeah.
Teach: We made up all the lesson plans and prepared everything for the first five weeks.
Me: Yeah.
Teach: Guess what.
Me: It's week six?
Teach: Bingo.

Ha! Take that, Thursday.

I like the end of a Thursday, because the end of a Thursday means that Friday is not far away, which means the weekend isn't far away either, which means that Monday and a brand new working week are just around the corner. Wait... skip that last one.

I am, however, at something of a loss as to what I should do this coming weekend.

Vegie and SteveSteve are in Tasmania still, with Chris Abery. They return next Thursday.

My parents are going on some sort of holiday, which means I must drive my sister places, which means that I must return to the old homestead.

Plus, I'm fairly sure the young lass is throwing an unsupervised party, which I'll simply have to attend.

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