Avant garde, no?

Yes, concerned parties, I was aware that the previous post was entitled with a Ramones lyric, despite the complete absence of anything Ramones-related in the post.


A frustrating morning, this morning twas.

Everyone but me and my boss seemed to be operating under some brand new level of uber-incompetency.

A problem came up this morning. A commercial was being run without a disclaimer.

There are two versions of this commercial. One with the disclaimer, and one without.

The one without was replaced in August.

I thought I made it very clear that it should never be played again, back in August.

I believe my exact words were: "Under no circumstances, may this commercial ever be played again."

Everything was cool.

Then there was a problem. It got played again. We're still in August here.


Because the client was being given bonus spots.

I then made myself very, very, most sincerely clear: "Delete. This. From. The. System. It may never be played again, under any circumstances, no whys, no wherefores, get it off. I don't want to see it in a bonus. I don't want to see it in a paid spot. Get. Rid. Of. It."

I thought that was the end of it. I gave the client my personal guarantee, my personal assuarances, that it would never be played again without the disclaimer.

So, anyway, last night, due to severe incompetency on the part of someone who wasn't me, it played without the disclaimer.

You fucking hacks... how much clearer could it have been made?


But I'm not bitter! :-) Look, a smiley face!

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