Avant garde, no?

Today I went on a shoot.

We shot footage inside a big freezer.

The temperature was, how do I put this? Beneath zero degrees celcius.

It was a teensy little bit cold.

It gave me a splitting headache.

No, that's not true. I had a headache alreadys, but this simply exaceetc.'d the situation.

But in other news:

Eli seems to have gotten into a spot of bother. I implore you all to <a href="http://me.mjec.net/?ID=202.35">"Read All About It."</a>

Dear Eli,

Dude, you're like Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, here.

To back up this assertion, I offer these evidences:

You didn't actually create that interesting little piece of playground gossip. You referenced it in what I recall was some grander post about the concept of love.

Similarily, Nelson Mandela was also once suspended from school for a rumour he repeated about FW deKlerk.

Case closed.

Seriously though, I can't believe you've been SUSPENDED. You're such a sweet young man, with a heart of gold, and probably other organs you've harvested from your victims as well, you bastard.

Well, good luck.

Yours with still constant unwavering proffesionalism,

Dr. Cam Sexenheimer

But that's not all. While I was hanging out in the meatlocker/freezer, gagging on the smell of raw meat and shivering muchly, I SMS'd Leigh in New Zealand to inform her of my situation.

I said something like: "I'm on the shoot from hell. Sub zero temperatures. Heavy lifting. So, how are you?"

I got not one, but two responses.

One from Leigh, and one from Courtney.

Neither offered sympathy, but both implored me to check my <a href="mailto:tonto1234@hotmailnospam.com">email.</a>

I did so, and what should I discover, but fanfic.

And not just any fanfic. Fanfic about this blog.

Courtney had just discovered my blog, and had been moved. So moved, that she wrote fanfic about it. Slightly slashy fanfic, I must admit. It's very much implied that SteveSteve and I had copulated previous to the events of the fanfic.

And that's that... I have a funeral to be at 9 tomorrow.

Nighty night

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