Avant garde, no?

Dear Grade Six Class,

You cannot spell.

You cannot spell 'goes.'

You cannot spell other words too, I can't remember. The point is, it isn't 'geos' or 'gose.'

It is G-O-E-S.

Dear Eli,

Wherefore art your blog? Don't let those goons get you down.

Telling you how to live gives the rest of us purpose and direction.

Dear Paul Jennings,

I know I said that I would write something about your biography, and I know that I haven't. If you could find it in your black, soulless heart to forgive me, that'd be dandy.

Nah, I jest, you're an okay guy.

Dear Leigh,

A parking ticket is a punishment for breaking the law. It is not a big punishment. If you want your precious prison food, you'll have to blow some shit up or SOMETHING, god, what am I? Your crime mentor.



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