Avant garde, no?

Or... so I'm told.

No, what we actually have here is my indepth, deep and meaningful post-election analysis.

So, I've called 4 out of the last 5 presidential elections around the globe with varying accuracy.

I said that Spain would change hands.
I said that Australia wouldn't, though I was wrong in that I also said John Howard's majority would be reduced.
I said that Afghanistan's election would fall apart.
I said that Indonesia would go to SBY.
I said that Johny Kerry would just barely win, and that the vote-counting would be long and drawn out.

4 out of 5, people!

In the end, of course, it doesn't really matter. As it has been for some time, there was very little difference between the two candidates.

The question now is, how is the Amerikan Left going to pull itself up out of this ditch it's stuck itself in, and re-emerge as the alleged saviours of the Amerikan dream, four years from now?

And who will be the next Republican presidential candidate?

Dick Cheney? Good luck.

What if the Republican party put Condaleeza Rice up? The first black president, the first female president... a republican. God, that'd spin the Left out.

They'd have no choice but to create some sort of part android-part Oprah killing machine.

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