Avant garde, no?

Recieved a cover letter and resume today.

From a potential shoe fetishist.


Of course, they don't mention their shoe fetish in their cover letter, but they are currently employed by a magazine which is "by shoeheads, for shoeheads."

Wha? It's all about the newest, hottest "kicks."

"But, Doctor," I hear you cry, "perhaps it is just a trade magazine of some description. After all, according to this young lad's resume, he has spent some time in the shoe industry - serving three years in one of our many fine shoe franchises. Surely working for a shoe trade magazine is the logical next step, and this man derives no sexual pleasure from shoes."

Perhaps. But then again, if that was the case... why why why would the magazine feature the "hottest women of WWE photographed as you have never seen them before." In the newest kicks.

I mean, really. I doubt this man will be employed by us, we're already fully staffed, but I can only wonder what he'd think of my sneakers, which are held together with electrical tape.


In other news, I'm faced with the unappetizing task of checking whether all the file vision from the last few months has been logged in correctly by the Work Experience kid.

Logging tapes is a task I like to avoid as much as possible, and they usually just sit on my unlogged file vision shelf until such time as someone else does it. This usually means a work experience kid.

Unfortunately (from my current complaining point of view, from the other, more important point of view, this is actually quite fortunate) I noticed that the WE kid wasn't doing it quite right. As a result, I now have to check that everything has been logged properly. I think the majority of it will be, I caught him out fairly early on.

I'd have to check them all anyway, though, to see if there's any spare tape at the end that can be shot on. Either way, it's something of a drag.

But I managed to convince myself that everything was going to be fine, nevertheless. I took a big pile and groaned and moaned, but then it struck me, like a mack truck hitting a priest who was three days away from retirement: Hey, this isn't that bad. There are kids dying of starvation in Ethiopia.

Then I realised there was a whole other shelf to be checked as well. Damn!

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