Avant garde, no?

It occurs to one that the Australian hip hop community has - rather than dropping a beat - quite dropped THE BALL, when it comes to incorporating mid-90s literary fraud Helen Demidenko into their raps.

It is not so much that I feel that Helen Demidenko/Darville/Dale got away scott-free with The Hand That Signed The Paper, but that I am disappointed that such a perfect rhyming opportunity has been so missed.

Demidenko rhymes with so much stuff.

Yo. Let's go. Hey bro. Chess player Pal Benko. The list goes on.

For example:

I'm Grandmaster Flash meets Grandmaster Benko,
Signing rhymes on the paper like Helen Demidenko,
You feel me, bro?
Feel my flow
Like a literary faux...
Pass the pad. Pass the pen. You best believe I'm raising Hel-en.

Etc. etc.

Robert Manne rhymes with a lot of stuff as well. I guess I am being a bit unfair on the modern Skip Hop industry though. The blame really lies with the Australian hip hopperers of the mid to late 90s.

HIP HOPPERERS LIKE PAUL "SLEEK THE ELITE" NAKAD, an associate of PAUL FENECH, who in 1998 would perpetrate a DEMIDENKO-ESQUE FRAUD of his own by entering Tropfest as a young Jewish woman, Laura Feinstein.

I find it hard to believe that The Hand That Signed The Paper was not a topic of discussion around the Fenech living room, and thus I am afraid it is my solemn duty to find Sleek The Elite GUILTY of SKIP HOP NEGLIGENCE.

I sentence him to forced mediation with Paul Fenech. It's time those two patched things up and got to work on a follow-up to Housos, perhaps a Hollow Men-style mockumentary following the election campaign of Angry Anderson?

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