Avant garde, no?

Hello! How are you?

I'm well, thanks. Can I tell you about a thing I'm doing? No? Okay, I'll just be goi... HEY!

So, I have been raising money with Ben Pobjie for the worthy cause of upgrading our mobile podcast studio.

We made enough to do that, and now we are raising money to also start a series of video interviews starring Ben Pobjie as The Interviewer and People Who Are Interesting as The Interviewee. You can donate here: http://www.indiegogo.com/gatheraroundme

Okay, so here is what we are thinking with this video series.

It's going to be kind of like Parkinson, except on drugs. People generally refer to amphetamines when they are making this kind of comparison. We are thinking more along the lines of DMT or Krokodil, or maybe a combination of the two.

Hopefully the Clockwork Elves can patch your arms back on.

Some people consider an interview a success if the interviewee cries or reveals some dark secret. We'll be happy to just uncover some cosmic truths.

It's going to be kind of like Rove '99, except if it was filmed in Vietnam '72.

Guerilla Interviewing. We don't want to be bound to any location. The set up we are raising the money for will mean we can go almost anywhere and produce a high quality interview.

It's going to be good. If you'd like to help make it a reality, click on the link above. Every little bit helps AND there are great rewards to be had.

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