Avant garde, no?

What a week.

Let's take a look at it, shall we.

Work done: All of it. And with class too. I'm like a fucking genius.
We had a big budget job dropped on us at the last minute yesterday. One of the other stations had been given this job, and fucked it up, or at least had fucked it up in the eyes of the extremely fussy client.

So it had to be done by noon today. Luckily, at around 10, we got a phone call to say that they'd bumped it back a week.

We probably could have had it done by noon, in the end I finished at around 12.30.

Work experience kid: Oh, well... perhaps I was a little harsh on this guy - in this context, I mean. I was fine to him in the real world. He turned out to be okay. He even thanked me for teaching him so much stuff. I mean, what can I say? I'm flantastic!

Arrests: None, though there was a cop car parked quite near to le office this morning... I thought it might be part of an elaborate sting operation, but the journo checked, and it was just a speed trap. Curses.

Incidentally, in the last entry, when I said that I missed work last Thursday, I was referring to my optional second job - not my office job. Don't worry, kids. Your favourite young unprofessional is still hard at it.

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