Avant garde, no?

Let a thousand flowers bloom in sepia tones, forever and ever, amen and awomen - there are many amusing adifferences, for example men like

cars and women like fashioning weapons out of common items you can find around the House of Mouse, where Mickey lives, he's so fine, he

blows my mind, and is the ringing in my ears really there, is it a real noise, i can never tell, and sometimes i leave the room and it goes

which does little to ease this confusion, and somewhere on the edge of noise, right out on the blood labyrinth barrier, that's where they

live, those last few tones, living life free on the open synapse, the true one percenters of the auditory cortex, nothing is complex, just

the rejects, and that's fine, everything is two dollars or less, except where otherwise indicated (everywhere), and nobody minds, why does

nobody mind, a mind is a terrible thing to baste, you want to put it in and leave it, but Roger wants to put another layer on every

commercial break, he's such a control freak, I wish he'd just go back to his model planes and meetings at MI6. Plot Twist: He was a spy the

whole time. I just needed to get that out. Sorry. No, I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry. Let's just both say sorry and move on. Let's agree to

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