Avant garde, no?

Here's the playlist from this week's Rock & Roll Ate My Brain. The theme was songs relating to the federal parliamentary Labor Party's leadership turmoil. It is tricky when you have an abstract theme like this, but I think I succeeded in picking songs that were either directly relevant to leadership tussling or were highly apt metaphors.

The Rainmaker - Hank Williams Jr

The Leader - The Clash
The Boss - James Brown
Follow The Leader - Sloan
The Boss - Pulp
Here Comes President Kill Again - XTC
The Sinking Feeling - The The

Lookin' For A Leader - Neil Young
I Admit My Faults - Eddy Current Suppression Ring
You're Not The Boss Of Me - The Vandals
Hang On To Your Ego - Frank Black (Beach Boys)
You Still Believe In Me - Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her (Beach Boys)

Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Eye Of The Tiger - Big Daddy (Survivor)
Big Shot - Billy Joel

Blow The Man Down - Blyth Power
Julia - A Girl Called Eddy (The Beatles)
Which Side Are You On - Dropkick Murphys
ABCC Misery - Lita Gillies

Running Scared - Roy Orbison
Look To The Leader - The Coca Cola Company, from their corporate musical The Grip Of Leadership.
Leader Of The Pack - Twisted Sister
No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future - Titus Andronicus

Political Science - Randy Newman

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