Avant garde, no?

Some things! On the internet! That have made me grumpy!

[That have to do with people being grumpy about things that are not entirely accurate.]

1. Some fucking stationery store woz selling pornographic mugs to schoolchildren. No, they was not. They were selling mugs with a slogan which referred to the pornographic arts to university students, but never let the facts get in the way of a good outrage culture.

Maybe instead of campaigning to have this stuff taken off the shelves, Melinda Tankard-Reist & Company could have just run a campaign along the lines of: anyone who wants a coffee mug that says 'Porn Is My Saviour' is a wanker. Half the job is done, because that is what the mug is actually saying, and also the other half is done because you would have to be a complete tosser to actually carry that mug around.

2. Optus didn't have it in for lady doctors. Some poor chog has pressed 1 where they should have pressed 0 and suddenly a major telecommunications company is denying the fact that a woman can be a doctor. Does anyone deny that women can be doctors? Do misogynists even deny this? Like super-misogynists? I think they would probably say that women would be bad doctors, or that they shouldn't be doctors, but I think everyone is on board with the fact that they have entered the doctoring profession.

Good work, sisters. You are doctoring it for yourselves.

3. So I read with my eyes that Melinda Tankard-Reist is suing a bloggerer called Jennifer Wilson for libelling. Jennifer Wilson is a doctor, allegedly. Is that even possible?

It is not clear why, but everyone on the Internets is saying it is on account of JW having called MTR a Baptist. Which is a crazy reason to sue somebody.

I think a less crazy Reason to sue somebody would be if they said something like:


Tankard Reist is a Baptist. Their belief system includes the second coming of Christ, end times, evangelism, and the belief most relevant to this post and a central tenet of the Baptist faith: the Virgin Birth.

Tankard Reist believes that the woman chosen to bring the boy god Jesus into the world was a virgin. Mary did not conceive the baby Jesus through sexual intercourse. The boy god required a fresh, unsullied virgin to inhabit throughout his gestation.

Why? Because the followers of the doctrine of the virgin birth believe that sex filthies the human female, and renders her impure. The inherent impurity of female sexuality can be tempered by the sacrament of Christian marriage, wherein sex is a means of reproduction, and offers relief for the male. It is better to marry than to burn, advised St Paul, demonstrating how little he thought of female sexuality.

The boy god needed a pure vessel, unfilthied by sexual experience. In this sense Mary was the most famous objectified woman in the history of the world, for to dehumanize a woman to the extent that you perceive her sexuality as filthy is objectifying indeed.

The Virgin Mary was in fact co-opted as a dehumanized life support system for a foetus.

It is from this fundamental position that Melinda Tankard Reist advises women and girls on sexual matters.


Because that is a little bit more than saying someone is a Baptist really. That is saying someone is a super-duper-crazy Baptist, when most Baptists in Australia are really only low-to-medium crazy. What if MTR is the sort of Baptist who is just in favour of denying baptisms to babbies and most probably damning them to hellfire if they don't make it to being grown-up enough for baptisms?

Anyway, luckily for MTR, everyone on the internets says she is just angry about being exposed as a Baptist and then they has gone on to claim that she has removed references to her being a Baptist from her Facebook page and her Wikipedia page, so that proves it, really.

The Facebook thing is not true - references to her being a Baptist were removed after the Wiki page it was scraping was edited. The reference to her being a Baptist was removed from WIkipedia in the midst of a large edit by someone which took it from being heavily anti-MTR to being basically of a Neutral Point Of View or maybe it was a bit pro-MTR, look, I didn't read the whole thing after, do I look like I am made out of time? No. I am made out of blood and skin and stuff. Anyway, that someone was probably not MTR. I mean, really.


Everybody start getting all your facts straight please, and maybe we could cool it on the outrage culture because there is probably stuff that is really outrageous that is maybe getting a free pass? I DON'T KNOW IT IS JUST AN IDEA PLEASE DON'T GET MAD AT ME.



According to the newspaper The Age, I was wrong about which bit MTR found defamatory, but luckily so was everybody who said it was because Jennifer Wilson said MTR was a Baptist.

Apparently what MTR objects to is people claiming she is deliberately dishonest about her religion. ANYWAY MY POINT REMAINS ABOUT FACTS-STRAIGHT-GETTING. And there it rests.



I accept that I stand alone on this. It is tough being ahead of the zeitgeist sometimes. I am not going to spend all my times defending MTR against inaccuracies for two reasons. LOOK OUT THEY ARE COMING AT YOU.

1. Storage Wars.
2. Unsolved Mysteries.

These shows are fantastic, but they are not going to watch themselves. My favourite on Storage Wars is probably Dave Hester. When he is at a storage locker auction he's not there to make friends. He's there to do business. I respect that. Also, his brothers betrayed him big-time, bidding him up on lockers, after he taught them everything they knew.

I know most people hate Dave but that really made me feel for him.

And who can resist a mystery which hasn't been solved? Dennis Farina is amazing. I think I like him more than Robert Stack.

Why are you telling us about Storage Wars and Unsolved Mysteries, Doctor? For two reasons:

1. They are amazing. Get on board.
2. I got distracted.

Back to the point:

Nobody is suing anybody because they said they were a Baptist. MTR has said she will take legal action if JW will not apologise for saying she is duplicitous about her religion.

As far as I can tell, MTR has made no attempt to hide her religion. She constantly speaks at Christian events, she is published in Christian magaziney things etc.

The only evidence that she is a sneaky Baptist is:

The fact that it wasn't mentioned in a recent Fairfax profile. (The writer has said she didn't ask about it because she felt it was assumed)
The Facebook/Wikipedia thing (dealt with above)
A Marriage Manifesto of which there are multiple versions, one with her listed as a signatory, another without. (The one without her name is a version from before she signed)
The fact that she doesn't constantly remind everyone that she is a Baptist. (Maybe her views, like everyone, are informed by her entire life experience and not just by a part of it?)

The point is, I can't be fucked defending MTR. I think she is an awful person. Like, seriously terrible. I think that sometimes she is kind of disingenuous about things (see stationery case above, in which her mob constantly referred to porno coffee mugs as being in a 'back to school' catalogue, so as to imply they were being sold to children), just not about this particular thing.

I imagine what happens next will play out with a weary inevitability and it will end up going to court and either everybody but me will learn an important lesson, or I will learn no lesson because I am busy watching people bidding on abandoned storage lockers. Or it won't go to court and nobody will learn anything, except for me who will learn about how much somebody would pay for a licence plate from 1915. All bases covered? Yes! Let's wrap this up.

Also, there is probably important stuff I am supposed to be doing. Or perhaps you disagree?

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