Avant garde, no?

Christopher Hitchens was a guy who died. He was a publik intellekshual and people loved to hate him and also hated to love him. There are differing opinions, but if I am the last to publish mine will I be the loser of obituaries? I don't want to find out!

Christopher Hitchens was born in a country, but he died in either the same country or a different country.

He loved a tipple and also a fag. I don't know if he partook, but I bet he was the type to bogart. I think he was kind of a jerk.

Some people say he was a misogynist because he wrote a dumb article about how women aren't funny. Proving his point much, feminists? NO! That's not what I mean, at all. He probably hated women a bit. Fair do's.

No wait.

Anyway, he for realsies hated Mohammedans, and he cheerleaded the War On Iraq and he was always sure they'd find WMDs which was kind of dumb because I was in high school and even I knew they wouldn't.

You dill, Hitchens!

But all in all, probably no more Iraqis died because of Hitchens than would have anyway. Maybe 2 or 3. And let's say he killed a couple of people with passive cigarette smoke. So we'll put his death toll at 5.

Luckily there's no god or he'd be fucked.

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