Avant garde, no?

[I have removed the original text of this post, following legal advice. Explanation follows.]

When I received the press release from the ABC publicity dept. announcing that John Jarratt would be reprising the role of Mick Taylor in an animated children's series based on Wolf Creek, I was justifiably disgusted.

I felt, and I still feel, that Woof Creek was an insult to the victims of the crimes upon which Wolf Creek was based, and also that the entire concept was inappropriate for children.

Having said that, the way I expressed my outrage was inappropriate. I referred to the producers of Woof Creek in an inappropriate way that was neither fair nor accurate. To them, for this, I apologise.

I accept that Woof Creek would have featured Mick Taylor and his dog Rex traversing the outback, helping strangers, and would have been substantially less bloody than the original film. I accept that by not drawing attention to this, I may have given the impression that ABC3 would be showing animated torture porn. I still feel that basing a children's show on an R rated movie is a mistake.

I also accept that I was unprofessional in breaking the embargo that was placed on this announcement. My outrage got the better of me in the heat of the moment, and I apologise.

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