Avant garde, no?

Look, listen up.

I am not the number one fan of Julia Gillard. I think she is a bit of a bad person, but whatever. Politics. Don't discuss it at the dinner table, am I right? Pass the gravy boat. No, not the gravy train that all those bloody politicians are on! Oops, I did it again. I played with your heart. Got lost in the game.

Oh baby.


Seriously though, the gravy. No justice, no peas.

Pay attention!

So, I see on the papers that Gillard said this thing:

"Australians watching all of that happening overseas with News Corp are looking at News Limited here and wanting to see News Limited answer some hard questions," she said.

"All I'm saying is when there's been a major discussion overseas, when people have seen telephones hacked into, when people have seen individuals grieving, had to deal with all of this, then I do think that causes them to ask some questions in our country."

Look, I don't think there has been phone hackings here like there has beens in the UK. I am friends (but not more than that!) with a few tabloid journalists and they can be relied on to have a whinge about things that would be made easier if they could be pinging and phreaking and all that jazz.

Also, some of them I think have a bit of trouble checking their own voicemail, let alone somebody elses. (Burn.)

BUT, I think it could maybe physically happen here? So it wouldn't hurt to check? Like News Ltd. have kind of already said they are going to do, so maybe don't get too worked up when somebody is like, good idea on that, maybe you should?

WHATEVER! I was just writing this blog post because I couldn't fit a thing about Terry McCrann into 140 characters and now look at it. Outrageous. Here is a bit of a thing that Terry McCrann, News Ltd. business analyst and hopefully sex guru, wrote today:

A sliming prime minister is one thing; a, let's not be gentle, dumb one is another.

To justify saying that News Ltd should answer questions just because of what had happened in the UK - which incidentally, Hartigan has already voluntarily set out to do - she seized on an analogy.

If there was a "major political scandal in the UK, involving politicians" - surprisingly, most political scandals do - journalists in Australia would be "beating a path to my door, on the implications for Australia," she said in self-satisfied triumph.

Yes, right, if you say so, Julia. Just like when the political expenses scandal erupted in the UK, journalists were besieging the Australian prime minister in the Lodge, demanding answers about expenses claimed by local politicians.

Yes! Just like that! Just like that thing that actually happened! Terry, you are writing that in a sarcastic tone like that is a thing that didn't happen! But it is a thing that happened! I think you have picked a bad example of a thing that didn't happen given that it as thing which, as noted, did happen!


Terry, that is a thing that happened.

You silly duffer.


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