Avant garde, no?

Imagine a dolphin that could fly.

"Hello," the dolphin would say, "Have you any tuna? I am ever so hungry."

SAY NO. This is a trap.

Look that dolphin in the eye, shake his flipper, then walk away. Walk and keep walking. Walk until you are falling down.

Not the movie Falling Down, just until you are exhausted.

When you have walked until you can walk no more, call a taxi on 13 CABS.

Alright, your taxi should be here by now. Get in. Your driver tonight will be a can of vegan chicken stock called Darion.

He hands you a bowl filled with pineapple and gravy. "Sup deep and the ride is free," he sneers.

This is where you find out who you are.

You drink until you reach the bottom of the bowl. In the base, a key.

"Drink the key," Darion yells. You swallow it down.

The key slides through your digestive bits until it comes to a door in your upper intestine. It unlocks the door. The door to perception.

Suddenly, you understand everything.

You are whole.

You are complete.

You are.

"Oh man, I was just joking about the key," whoops Darion. "You're on Cab Capers, the taxi based prank show!"

Years from now, your grandchildren will watch the video on HoloTube and laugh at you, but it doesn't matter.

You lived a life worth living.

The End.

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