Avant garde, no?

Yesterday's morning news heralded the fact that a Satanist is being allowed to practice his Satanic rituals within the British Navy.

This is because the British Navy is an equal oppurtunity employer.

Now, my thoughts on the subject:

Okay, so dig this. Religion is bullshit. But, sure, let's let people believe what they want. Why the hell not? Oh, right... killing in god's name.

Anyway, the majority of your religions, in theory, are reasonably peaceful.

But Satanism... I mean... Okay, the Church of Satan might say that they're just another religion, and they're all about not being repressed and letting the Id out a little... but seriously, you guys.

Deep down... it's all about fucking shit up.

In other news, I thought I might be wrong about the work experience kid. I thought, perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions.

Perhaps he's not a square.
Perhaps he's an exciting, interesting member of society.

Okay, so, it turns out he wasn't.

But god... were the silences uncomfortable today.

In between the small amounts of editings, there was a lot of rendering, and a lot of mastering - and I mean, what can I teach him about rendering and mastering beyond, like, the fucking obvious.

Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that his careers teacher came in today - I met this guy with the last WE kid, and he's a fucking nut.

Wild hair, wild eyes, wild teeth. Seriously, his teeth are fucking... GARGH!

C'est de la crazy.

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