Avant garde, no?

My old friend Luke Dennehy, the King of Gossip, writes in the Sunday Herald Sun:

"Nick Bracks is one of the stars of a sexy new video clip.

A half-naked Bracks is featured in the clip, The Things, by German dance band Sharam Jey featuring Tommie Sunshine.


The writer, producer and director of the clip, up-and-coming Melbourne filmmaker Dan Brophy, said the video was loosely based on the banned 1975 Italian film Salo. However it's much more light-hearted."

Much more light-hearted? You be the judge: http://tinyurl.com/salobracks

In other Salo news, the Arts Council has rejected the grant application for my One Man Salo Show for the fourth (but certainly not final!) time. Art is dead.

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