Avant garde, no?

Subject: Bulla Creammasters suggestion
From: Dr. Cam
To: s*rvice@regalcream.com.au

Dear Bulla Dairy Foods Company,

Your Bulla CreamMasters campaign (www.bullacreammasters.com.au) was recently
brought to my attention.

While I do admit that I personally find the cream tips and recipes a useful
addition to my kitchen repertoires, I cannot help but feel that you are
neglecting a core demographic: Avant garde film-makers.

Your product has many uses in the world of avant garde film-making. A
Pomeranian dog can bathe in it while a man in a blue suit plays a piccolo,
or with the addition of red food colouring it can become blood oozing from a
grandfather clock. Or all of this stuff can happen at once. The dog
represents unchecked consumerism, the man
represents participatory economics, and the clock obviously represents
Francis Fukuyama's idea that history is dead.

Might I suggest you start a companion website to promote your product in
this way - www.bullacreammastercycle.com.au, perhaps?

Yours helpfully,


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