Avant garde, no?

Was having a sneaky read of the Herald Sun letters page today (16/6), when I noticed this beauty from Janine Colbert of Melbourne.

Lady Gaga a cheap Madonna

LADY Gaga's latest music video, featuring highly sexualised images coupled with Catholic religious symbols, betrays her as nothing more than a mediocre would-be Madonna.

It is clear she has become the new poster girl for American decadence and Catholic bashing, which she perversely fobs off as "creative art".

When asked in a recent interview if she was considering having children some day, she answered, "Not right now because it would destroy my creativeness."

She seems oblivious to the fact that there is nothing more creative for a woman than to have a child.

Sadly, fame, fortune and false idolatry have become the heartbeat of American culture.

But in the end they are all only illusions. In the end "the first will be last and the last will be first".

Janine Colbert, Melbourne

I got a few problems with this.

1. Does Justine object to Catholic-bashing, or just to sub-par Catholic-bashing? Is it okay when done by Madonna?

2. Is having a child really the most creative thing a woman can do? What about interior decoration? Or making some sort of fancy cake for her man?

I will concede that there is nothing more creative a woman can do than have a child if she then dips that baby in paint and uses it as a brush.

3. Our Lord/Saviour Jesus "Mad Dog" Christ did teach his disciples that the first will be last and the last will be first (Matty 20:16), but did he not also have something to say about passing oneself off as something one is not? Probably. It is definitely in that book somewhere.

For if Janine Colbert is from Melbourne, who is this Janine Colbert in Madison, Wisconsin? Or this one in Montreal. Or these in Sudbury, Fairbanks, Calgary, Montgomery, Columbus, Edmonton, Orillia, Kingston, and Long Island, NY.

Only the letter from Long Island is published with a full address - according to Google Maps, it came from a taxi depot or some sort of warehouse. Neither is an appropriate place for a respectable lady like Janice. Something about this smells funny - and I don't mean one of those bloody taxis after a 12 hour shift.

Don't worry, mods and rockers! We *will* get to this bottom of this!


In other Mediawatching news, this story about "Flirtexting" from AAP caught my eye:

Cheating Aussie men, listen up. Suspicious girlfriends and wives are most likely checking your mobile phones, with 40 per cent of women admitting in a new survey they regularly snoop for flirty text messages.

Surely if only 40% are doing it, then it means they are most likely not checking our phones.

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