Avant garde, no?

Leedsward: I want to murder my computer sometimes

jaclyn_goh: i want to murder my boss for being such a retard

fggtfce: I want to murder my coworker

jesseckuhhXx: I want to murder my parents in the middle of the night and flee to Mexico, is that bad?

stellademps: one thing I hate abt villains on soaps is that the whole town can see through them but the person they're after.

01_STAR: I hate carrying cash! Bc it seems to fly out of my hands like ohh whered ya go? Lol

callmegabs: At the salon... I hate the salon

D_FRM_DA_V: I hate wen they make me stay for meetings at work and they start 10mins b4 I get off......beootch I been here since 12am

salvador_rudy: i hate my phone, i hate staring at it waiting for a stupid sms to change my whole fucking life. and i hate what i am.

ImOnlyElizabeth: I wish my brother would die.I fell.And was bleeding alot.and he sat on his ass like it was all good i threw knifes at him.They missed

MissSomme: he is one of those people I wish would die enstead of someones mom that makes me sad that good peple die

hunnsy: I want to kill whoever runs First Capital Connect. I'm prepared to do time to rid us of this idiot, whoever he or she is

oh_jo: I want to kill him. Please let me kill him. Please please please let me kill him. He won't shut up & he needs to. Oh thank god he's stopped.

FruityPhobias: I want to kill the asshole that's been blowing his/her vuvuzela nonstop for an HOUR outside. Christ!


Cunt Is Not A Dirty Word, yeah, but I think someone forgot to tell the users of popular micro-blogging service Twitter.


doorstepwhore: Jeans with elastic at the bottom... fuck off you look like a right cunt.

Arseburgers: I'd like to see some inbred chav cunt key my 6ft6" Ex Major in Polish army key his car while he's in it. That'd be funny

sincerelyJewel: This clear cunt cancelled this meeting. & is just now sending the fucking notice. BUH

ItsRobb: You mother fucking cunt. I just mowed the lawn THREE fucking days ago. And on top of all that I'm STILL pissed at you for what you said.

CdreSchmidlapp: The only thing which would make this day drag more would be for some cunt to be watching the football.

kiyahwhskyhands: DNA tests don't lie you dumb cunt!

ItzPlayz: My boss is like calm down sal no fuck her like she don't stand around talkin all day fuckin cunt

tonykellogg: Some fucking cunt ate a piece of my pizza out of my box in the employee fridge. Fucking cunts.

nonnygoggler: Yvette from Big Brother bit my girlfriend in primary school and had to sit on the naughty chair. She now calls herself Sunshine, bitey cunt.



EroticZed: Morning. Walking my kids to school and I keep catching a gentle cunt scent on my face and neck from last night My wife was filthy for me.

DrMisery: I'd eat more of any food with a vaginal name. Cunt Cookies, Pussy Pizza, Twat Tacos would all be staples of my diet.

YupperPupper: My mom is the only parent I know that will sing We Want Cunt by Jeffree Star with her 13yr old daughter. Love my momma<3

ayhamtamari: I love you because I like dipping my toes in your cunt, to see whether or not it is warm enough for my emphatic cock.

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