Avant garde, no?

Caught a tram the other day - would you believe it was packed? Crazy, I know.

So my friend and I are standing up, and we get to a stop, and a bunch of people get up.

A seat becomes free. So I say, to my friend, "Hey, there's a free seat." So my friend sits down.

SECONDS LATER: This yuppie woman pipes up, "I'm sitting there." Well, that was plainly not true.

Nevertheless, my friend gets up, cos we did not know this person was a yuppie yet. They could have been some sort of speed-freak axe-maniac.

"I just had a baby 4 weeks ago," the yuppie explains to my friend, and she and her yuppie friends have a good laugh about how crazy someone would have to be to not realise that.

Jeez, that must be rough. You've been sitting on your arse for months, love, might be time for a bit of a stand up.

Didn't say that out loud though - still wasn't sure they were yuppies and not iced-up knife-chuckers.

"So how was Greece?" asks Stephanie Meyer's The Twilight Saga: New Mum of one of her dumbfuck friends.

"Poor?" says my friend. "Oh, it's just wonderful at this time of year," says Yuppie Scum Friend.

My point is this: Greek Anarchists, stop fucking around. If we send you Australian Yuppies, we expect them to come home in body bags.

Is that really too much to ask?

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