Avant garde, no?

Have been getting a running commentary of the past few years from Comrade Ben Pobjie. Something has inspired him to start reading through this blog from the start. That has inspired me to flick through it as well.

Weirdness. It's interesting (for me, obviously not for you) how much of what I remember from 5 years ago is only remembered because I wrote it down in here. Almost tricked myself a few times with inaccurate recordings I left to mess with my head. Have made myself laugh a few times. Made myself cringe a few as well.

I've apparently been making the same joke about Triple M calling for five years. What if I have really bad memory loss and I've been making it EVERY day, but nobody ever says anything?

Most importantly, I found the number of the guy who was making obscene phone calls to me back in 2004. Should I... call it?

You know... just to see how his life is going?

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