Avant garde, no?

Another in a series of blog posts examining the use of Twitter as an alternative to traditional communication methods. Previously we have looked at how Twitter allows people to send crazy letters to world leaders and such and such. Today I am interested as to whether people are using Twitter as a quick and easy alternative to writing a long rambling suicide note.

xxbrokenxemoxx: Suicide! oh my! when and where?!

JuanDonDeLaCool: I'd feel really trapped in this life if I didn't know I could commit suicide at any moment.

JOETHEPRO616: Is it suicide if you just quit taking your medicine?

ktspeaksLOUDER: ima go kill myself. suicide, yo.

thisisryanross: You can't be sad if you're dead
thisisryanross: or happy
thisisryanross: Why not? It's an everlasting bond.... With myself

moremoney: Committing suicide brb

DavidAndGoliath: Suicide, not always the answer. But certainly a question.

iamdibi: I think if I was dead y'all would appreciate what I do...so all I can be is successful since success is suicide...suicide it's suicide

// Only one way for us to find out.

FlyRice: is faking her own suicide.

chaosquall: i made a thread called merchers making me suicide in it i described how i have to kill mith drg wth no prayer cuz pots are all sold

ErinHill2: have spent all day making this article worse. want to commit suicide to show those waiting for it that we are on the same page about me.

d_mccarthy37: thank you for giving me the courage to end it all

_starstruckk: new plan! eff the 'fresh start' and end it all now. you have nothing and no one. you know its fucking pointless!

londondrew: Should just end it all right fucking now!

NDeavers: just going to end it all by driving into a train or something i am so miserable...
NDeavers:well didnt run into a train or anything today... maybe tomorrow....

ZipInStereo: I'm going to fucking end it all! Fuck this school! I can't take this. At all! The school is HORRIBLE! I'll fucking END MY LIFE. I swear

filthytim: goin to the bath tub to end it all no one really cares always

Anyway, you probably shouldn't kill yourself, kids. Life is so precious. Hahahahahahaha. In conclusion:

lydia888: assistant suicide is a sin in case you dont know

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