Avant garde, no?

Good Day, Gentle Read[between the lines]ers - this is your pilot Dr. Cam Sexenheimer, broadcasting into the ether from the forbidden zone of through the looking glass.

I had an idea the other day, which is that I would see what people were saying on Twitter to Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull.

It was not that exciting. Then I thought I would go to the real power and see what people were saying to Obama. It was not that exciting either.

Which is when I realised: I gotta see what people are saying to the REAL real power. What are they saying to the people who ACTUALLY run the world?


NWO_666: Rick, are all news media services controlled by the Illuminati? If you are not prove it by doing a full news show on the subject..

freshforemost: aliens on fone?? secret society tryin to keep they eye on me,..illuminati want my mind soul and my body

MeganMclaughlin: Got 5 page FedExd letter warning of coming Illuminati caused chaos. Don't know if I can trust since it isn't in 5 diff sizes of handwriting.

[Um, of course you can. It came in the MAIL]

EzekielCode: Is the head of the Jesuit brotherhood in league with the ancient cult of the Illuminati? Find out in The Ezekiel Code! www.ezekielcode.com

[It would be awfully silly if he wasn't]

csingel: Watching an educational youTube video. Did you know Kanye is in the Illuminati?

xorlando: Hanging out with the Illuminati today.

new_indignation: The Open Cloud Manifesto seems, by definition, to be an illuminati endeavour.

jonahlantern: Obvious australian illuminati eyeballing me on train. Hopefully won't have to fight. Can't defend against kangaroo style boxing.

chrisberez: @willwilkinson I love that the Masons advertise on radio/TV now. What's next? Magazine ads from the Illuminati? So much for "secret".

[I agree. Standards are slipping all over]

sexenheimer: DID YOU KNOW: The Illuminati killed the Big Bopper?

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