Avant garde, no?

Oh goodness gracious, gentle readers. I have listened to a lot of songs about The Ramones in the last week, on account of that is what Monday's Joplopping Hoddities was all about! (Also, a bit sneakily, it is what Rock And Roll Ate My Brain will be about in two weeks) I ended up with about 60 songs about The Ramones, but these are my ten favouritest: http://tinyurl.com/ramoney

It's about 20 megs, and I guess I'll leave it up for a couple of weeks, you know.

1. Kill The Ramones by Boris The Sprinkler
2. You Can't Kill Joey Ramone by Sloppy Seconds
3. Johnny & Dee Dee by The Eastern Dark
4. I've Got Dee Dee On My Mind by Marky Ramone And The Speed Kings
5. I Wanna Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone by The Spazzys
6. Johnny Ramone Was In A Fucken Good Band, But He Was A Cunt by Frenzal Rhomb
7. I Heard Ramona Sing by Frank Black
8. My Sweet Ramona by Mach Pelican
9. The End Of The Ramones by The Mr. T Experience
10. R.A.M.O.N.E.S. by Motorhead

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