Avant garde, no?

Oh my goodness, motherkissers and fatherhuggers! What was I even thinking?

I was thinking, "I bet there are some NUTS writing to Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull!"

I thought it would be something interesting to look at, and then I could report my findings. It wasn't, but I did.

BUT! JUST NOW, I had a thought. Man, you know who would be getting hella nutty messages?

Barack Hussein Obama: The Secret Muslim President Of The United Caliphate of America.


crazyluv4mcr: @BarackObama whoah dude, I can talk to the President.. That's kind of surreal. O.o hey dude, How are you doing? (What? Hes a dude!)

bamajeff61: @barackobama u probably want get this I was a successful business owner and would be rich if careless man hadn't shot me with gun need help

parvanet: @BarackObama Check who is going to knock the Dr. Phills door, people won't need poisonous peels, they are killing with those peels

JeffBurrow: @BarackObama I guess people DO mess with Joe. and YOU promised this wouldn't happen with AIG! YOU OBAMA! Where is your leadership?

U2Fan79: @BarackObama whatcha been up to B.O.? No time for twitter since Jan 19? What? Seriously? Are you Mr. President or Mr. Presi-not-dent!!??

[HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nice one, U2Fan79!]

Reygan: @BarackObama I love you! I saw your house yesterday!!!

IanSohn: @BarackObama My 2yr old, Henry, just told me "I want to call Barack Obama." Anything we can do about this?

Johnd2148: @BarackObama Mr Obama I have a cure for the homeless. Instead of paying 30k per month on fema trailer storage give them a owner

GrownManBoy: @BarackObama Hey Barack. Thanks for ruining my life. I bet you cant even rap

blindoctorswife: @BarackObama, thx for making it against the law to firehose a calf too weak to stand into the meatgrinder. ASSHOLE!

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