Avant garde, no?

Oh god! Twitter, gentle readers. What on EARTH (blessings upon mother gaia) was I THINKING?

It is basically full of social media experts and morons. [Redundancies].

Also, there are some cool dudes and ladies on there I guess. And then there is Kevin Rudd, the alleged Prime Minister of Australia. Before Twitter, it was possible to send Kevin Rudd a message that he would never read.

Thanks to Twitter, it is now possible for us to read every other kook and nutjob's crazy messages to Kevin Rudd that he will never read.

Thank you so much, technology.

Here are my favourites from the past few weeks:

jellybear89: FFS @kevinruddpm don't bloody become a communist!! listen 2 the ppl who voted u in! we don't want the filter! stop it now, or lose ur seat!

andrewsayer: @KevinRuddPM You and your party just lost the next election.

Annarchy90: @KevinRuddPM You're doing a great job, keep up the good work.

TferThomas: Got a sms from 1 of @KevinRuddPM 's staffers to say she can't attend our wedding, as her boss asked her to work Saturday night. Rude!

justmetagirl: @KevinRuddPM please deport my sister...

tyabblemons: @KevinRuddPM Wondering if you read these tweets? Is it possible to converse regarding 'sliver cell' solar panel technology?

Stomper_Girl: @KevinRuddPM Thank you for the money! I got it today.

craigthomo: @KevinRuddPM hey kev,heading to coolum beach next month!,wondering if you wanted to have a beer,? thats if you were in town!

pottysworld: @KevinRuddPM I work in horticulture growing hydroponic cucunbers,how is Australia planning to help iraqi

[Yeah, "cucumbers"]

sexenheimer: @KevinRuddPM How can I stimulate the economy if I can't find my wallet, Kev?

sexenheimer: @KevinRuddPM Never mind, dude! I found it under my bed!

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