Avant garde, no?

Lying in bed yesterday evening, I found myself desiring something to help me unwind, but managed to resist... Eventually exhaustion bludgeoned me to sleep around 1am.

At around 5am, I woke up in a cold sweat. I'd been having a dream that I was Humphrey Bogart, and I was at an amusement park with some people from school (My school, not Bogart's school).

The amusement park was an amalgam of a number of amusement parks from previous dreams, and also from reality and percieved reality.

For instance,

Previous dream: When I was 7 or something, I was dreaming about an amusement park when I dreamt I was awoken by what appeared to be a Dotyol (a small malevolent Indonesian spirit which has stumps for feet [it floats about] and sharp sideways teeth - that is, they don't go up and down). My subsequent screaming presumably woke me up from that dream.

Reality: There was a bit of Disneyland (to which I once went)

Perceived Reality: There was a bit of that Gold Rush place. You know, the place with the Blood On The Southern Cross jazz. I've seen commercials for it, but never actually been there.

Anyway, that was the amusement park, I was Humphrey Bogart, some of my friends from School were there (though not my good friends, for some reason) and we were periodically bothered by small children.

This is because, for whatever reason, every child had to be accompanied by an adult to ride on a ride. A large proportion of these children were unaccompanied by a guardian, and so were constantly bothering Humphrey Bogart and his cohorts.

Eventually I threatened to "shmack" one of the kids "upshide the head, ya little shcumbag" and then I woke up in a cold sweat.

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