Avant garde, no?

I went to my friend Estoban's house last night to drink beerz and vodka and watch Army of Darkness, but after Army of Darkness was finished he was like, "Hey baby, maybe we should watch... Basketcase?"

And I was like, "Oh, Estoban, I don't know... I don't know if I'm ready."

But he put it in anyway. I'm glad he did, cos it was fucking awesome.

Basketcase: Best movie of all time, or greatest movie of all time?

It is about this kid who goes to New York City. He has a wicker basket. When you see the basket, you know there is gonna be some bad times. He checks into a hotel and the hotel guy is like, "What's in the basket?" and he's like "Clothes."

I said to Estoban, "The monster is in the basket, right?"

And he said, "Yeah."

And I said, "Thanks for ruining the end of the movie, you dick."

Jeez, what a dick.

I give this movie ONE HUNDRED STARS.

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